Women Out Walking

Women Out Walking

Hello WOW Women of Calvary,
The response to the first WOW Session has truly wowed me! We enjoyed 2 hikes with beautiful weather. The next dates for our hiking events will be:

September 17

October 8 

November 12

A few notes: ANY WOW event will be a hiking adventure. Typically, it will not on the paved trails. I will send out details of the hike in the form of an email one and two weeks before the event. We will only cancel in the case of extreme cold or 100% chance of rain. If the weather is questionable, I will email one hour before the event starts. We will start promptly at 8 and do our best to finish by 10. 

What to bring

  1. A Sweatshirt if you get cold.
  2. Water enough for the hike. I recommend something where your hands are free: a camelback or a drawstring bag with a water bottle in it. 
  3. Hiking poles if you would like them. They offer a lot of stability and control. 
  4. A snack if you would like one at the halfway point.
  5. Bug spray if you want, I imagine the mosquitos will be out. 
  6. A small first aid kit if you would like. 
  7. I recommend hiking in wool socks if you have them. This hike probably will not need them, but it is always a good investment. They keep your feet dry. Comfortable shoes with laces or hiking boots. 
  8. If there is a chance of rain and you want one, a raincoat.
  9. Leashed, friendly dogs (with people and other dogs) are welcome.

Please email Children@cclburg.com with any questions. I look forward to seeing all of you. I am so excited to see you all on the trail!