Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14

We place a great emphasis on ministering the love of God to the children at Calvary Chapel. Each service, with the exception of our Sunday evening prayer meeting, offers ministry for the children.

Our Children’s Ministry is open for all ages! We gather together for kid’s worship each Sunday morning after which each age group moves to it’s own class for Bible study. This includes teaching, games, activities and crafts that are designed to reinforce the Bible lesson of the day. Our weekly take-home-papers let parents know what their child has been studying each week and allows them to reinforce at home the Biblical lessons taught in the classroom.


The following procedures will be followed to protect children from harm (including abduction):

  • All children must be signed checked into the ministry wing electronically. At time of check in the child’s temperature must be taken. After the child is checked, labels will be assigned to the child, one for the child and the other for the parent. (a third label will print if one is needed for a bag in the case of nursery or toddler children)
  • Children's Ministry team members are cognizant of the identity of each child's parents/guardians.
  • Children must be picked up by an adult that has the label to match the one the child is wearing.
  • No child will be permitted to leave the classroom without being visually checked to make sure the child tag matches the adult tag. Authorization is based on communication with teacher during check-in.
  • Children will not be released to a sibling. This is for the protection of the child, as well as to minimize liability on the church.
  • Our facility is one way traffic to ensure one entrance, one exit.
  • There are children only restrooms available to children in the CCKids wing.
  • Any situation which may arise due to following these procedures will be brought to the immediate attention of the Children’s Ministry director and the parent will be contacted if needed.

The Children's Ministry disciplinary action plan follows accepted methods of discipline.

  • During training, workers are instructed on how to handle disciplinary issues.
  • The following is the disciplinary sequence for a child who is being disruptive.

1st offense – the child will be instructed about how the offense is affecting the class’ attention on God.  He (she) will then be asked to refrain from the disruptive action.

2nd offense – the 1st offense action steps will be repeated, and the child will be redirected to other acceptable activities.  If the teacher feels it will correct the behavior, the child will be instructed to change seats.

3rd offense – the teacher will contact the Children’s Ministry Director. The director will discuss the behavior with the child and determine the proper course of action.  Typical resolutions are to (a) return child to the classroom, (b) have the child sit with the director in the church foyer, or (c) have the child’s parents contacted in the service.  Regardless of action, child’s parents will be notified of offense at the time of class pickup.

  • Any action that is deemed as dangerous to anyone in the class, including his(her)self, will be treated immediately as a 3rd
  • Children are instructed to listen to and obey the children's ministry workers.
  • If a child’s behavior is habitually disruptive, the Children’s Ministry Director will work with the child’s parents on an individual plan of action. Remedial actions may be up to, and including, dismissal from classroom for an extended period of time.  In such cases, child will be permitted back in classroom upon director’s reevaluation for changed behavior.

All following references to gloves are referring to latex, vinyl, nitrile or other non-porous fluid resistant gloves.  Upon review of current biohazard handling practices, CCL has implemented the following:

  • Surfaces and toys in the nursery/toddler classroom are disinfected weekly.
  • Between services, nursery workers serving in either service will work together to provide a clean safe environment for the children.
  • Items and surfaces that will be used in a following service will be wiped down with disinfecting solution located in the room’s cabinet.
  • Toys that were placed in a child’s mouth are collected, and placed in the “Toys to Be Cleaned” bin.
  • Used blankets and bedding are to be placed in the dirty blanket hamper.
  • All bodily fluids are to be handled in a manner as if contaminated.
  • Gloves are always to be used around blood or other bodily fluid.
  • After gloves are removed, hands are to be cleaned with sanitizer or disinfectant soap immediately after changing diapers, assisting children with the toilet, or handling anything contaminated with blood or bodily fluids.
  • Gloves must be changed after every diaper change or after handling blood or bodily fluids.
  • Team members are to contact the Children's Ministry Director to assist in proper cleanup of bodily fluids when necessary.

It is the policy of our children's ministry to recruit "Those whose hearts are fully committed to him."  (2 Chronicles 16:9). You can sign up to serve by going to cclburg.com/get-connected

  • Although most characteristics are not necessarily visibly evident, they are manifest through interactions and conversations with others. The following are basic traits of those sought out for the Children’s Ministry.
  • Maintain a solid relationship with God through Jesus.
  • Maintain a stable family relationship.
  • Desire to serve in the manner of a servant.
  • Basic biblical knowledge prior to serving in school age classes.
  • Exhibit the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Must pass a background check
  • Regardless of recruitment, individuals are subject to the ministry’s Screening Policy prior to being involved in the Children’s Ministry which includes attending a connections class to ensure a basic knowledge of the doctrine of Calvary Chapel.
  • New team members will be placed into areas of service based on ministry needs and the individual’s personality observed by ministry leadership. This is based on the belief that people are most effective when placed in service areas which matched their personality and gifts.

  • CCKid's Servants are to be in regular attendance for 6 months prior to placement into the Children’s Ministry. This allows CCL staff the opportunity to become acquainted with the applicant.
  • A CCL background check must be submitted.
  • The submitted background check must return evidence of a clean background.
  • CCKid's Servants must fulfill the training for Children's Ministry within a reasonable amount of time; this may include an apprenticeship period. See Children’s Ministry Training Policy.
  • CCKid's Servants must sign the “Agreement to Serve” form, which includes the agreement to abide by all Children’s Ministry policies.
  • CCKid's Servants must satisfy age requirements for Children's Ministry workers.
  • CCKid's Servants must be approved by Calvary Chapel Lynchburg staff before beginning ministry.
  • CCKid's Servants must sign acknowledgement to abide by all Children’s Ministry Policies.

  • Anyone in a classroom with children must be authorized through the screening process administered by CCL. Please refer to the Access Policy and Screening Policy.
  • Children are not permitted to be unaccompanied while in the Children’s Ministry.
  • A child is not to be alone with anyone while in the care of the Children’s Ministry.
  • All efforts will be made to have at least two adults in each classroom with the children. In cases when this is not feasible, the class will be randomly and frequently audited by the Children’s Ministry director, or designee.
  • Children needing to use the restroom will be escorted by a Children’s Ministry team member. The restroom will be checked by the team member to assure it is empty, and the team member will stand in the hallway with the door partially open.  If a child needs special help, the team member will call the Children’s Ministry director or an usher to stand in the doorway while the team member aids the child.

All who serve in our children's ministry will be required to receive training appropriate for their area service.  We will provide the following training:

  • Fundamental characteristics of each age range within children’s ministry
  • The Discipline Policy and appropriate disciplinary actions in children’s ministry
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson presentation
  • Use of curriculum
  • Emergency procedures and reporting
  • Child abuse recognition, prevention, reporting
  • Cleanliness and disease control
  • Parents relations

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