Biblical Counseling Is Discipleship 

We are glad you are looking for Biblical Counseling. We see counseling as discipleship and we want to start by stating why. We are committed to what Jesus told us to do in Matthew 28:19 & 20. He told us to “make disciples”. The Greek word used means to cause one to be a pupil, teach, make a disciple of, teach someone. With this in mind we look to disciple people as we provide counsel because this is one of many ways in which we as a church can teach those who are followers of Christ. 

Biblical Counseling (Discipleship) 

As a church we seek to provide counsel based on God’s Word. We are not licensed counselors but Pastors and church leaders who count it a privilege to care for the body of Christ. We look to Lord for wisdom found in His Word and depend on His Spirit to guide our counsel. We firmly believe what God says about His word in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. It is profitable for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness so that we may be complete and equipped. As such we are committed to walking with you through difficulties by directing you to the Word of God and how it applies to your situation and by praying with you.  

Premarital Counseling (Discipleship) 

We’re excited that as you are preparing for your wedding and that you are also interested in preparing for your marriage. The premarital discipleship at Calvary Chapel Lynchburg was designed to provide you a strong biblical foundation along with practical tools to guide you in this new and exciting relationship. We believe that marriage is given by God, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and sustained by the Holy Spirit. As such we believe it is important for couples to prepare for life together by going through premarital discipleship. Our premarital discipleship will place you with a pastor or couple who will help you to ask and answer questions that are vitally important as you prepare for marriage.