Core Values

Core Values

God has given us unity of purpose in Christ, and called us to have unity in fellowship. So we love and support one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, through peace and conflict, no matter what.

Jesus gave us access to the throne room of God in His name through prayer to receive whatever we ask for. So we pray together often, expectant that God will be true to His Word, and that we will encounter His presence.

The Holy Spirit dwells within us, sanctifying us to be more and more like Jesus. So we take personal integrity seriously and will not rest until we have grown into mature Christian disciples.

Every Christian is valuable and necessary for the Church to function properly. So we build teams to do the work of ministry and we urge every believer to get in the game.

Scripture says all life should be an act of worship. So we gather together and give glory to God through corporate praise and worship.

Jesus commissioned us to preach the Good News to every creature. So we reach out to evangelize Lynchburg in many ways, and work to multiply our efforts by planting churches around the world.

God has shown us overwhelming patience and compassion through Jesus Christ. So we treat one another with forgiveness and love in all things.

God honors those who take Him at His Word and step out in brave obedience. So we try new things, unafraid of small beginnings and messy middles, as we work towards excellent endings.

Christ gave to each believer the manifestation of the Spirit for the benefit of all. So we encourage each other to discover these gifts, and give the opportunity for them to be used.